About Us

The story of R.G. Higgins and Associates started with the company’s founder Robert G. Higgins in 1935, when he began his sales career with the Craig Company (a plumbing and heating, manufacturers' representative firm). In 1941, Robert answered his country’s call and joined the Navy, serving in the Pacific Theatre in World War II. Upon returning home in 1946, he started R.G. Higgins Company as an independent, manufactures' representative agency. Over the next 30 years, Robert managed the sales and service aspects of his company with the help of a single office assistant. Early in 1976, he brought his son Charles (Chuck) into the business which then was incorporated into R.G. Higgins and Associates. Robert’s son Michael (Mike) joined the company in 1978. Robert, assured the company was in capable hands, retired in 1980.

R.G. Higgins and Associates continued to grow over the next 30 years, adding new product lines and customers under the leadership and hard work of Chuck and Mike. Inside salespeople were added, as well as larger facilities to accommodate some manufacturers' requests to warehouse and ship products as needed. In 2014, R.G. Higgins and Associates was sold to the Roland family with Jim Roland taking the lead role of President and Outside Sales. Chuck made the decision to end his distinguished career in 2016, after 40 years of service to the company.

Jim and his family have taken on the responsibility of following in the Higgins' footsteps, delivering high quality service, dedication to partners and integrity in all dealings. Jim and his family bring a combined 75+ years of experience in our industry, that coupled with a tenured staff and great product lines, keeps R.G. Higgins and Associates positioned to continue serving our customers and vendors for years to come.